Rules & Guidelines


These are the rules and guidelines that moderators apply before approving any comments, threads, posts submitted to the forum. 

As a new member of the Itchy Brain Club, you do NOT need to memorise all these rules & guidelines or try too hard to follow them strictly before posting your comments. 

Just go ahead and get started. It's okay to learn the Rules & Guidelines through trial-and-error. The moderator isn't going to blast you.

All posts, comments, and threads are moderated.

That means they do not appear on the forum for public viewing until they've been approved by a moderator.

Once you post a comment, your comment goes to a "moderation queue". A moderator then looks it over.

If it conforms to the forum's standards, the moderator will "approve" it and your comment is "published". 

If there are problems with your post the moderator will either fix these and publish the post, or he'll "decline" your post and write to let you know why.

If the moderator "fixes" or edits your post in any way, this is documented in detail at the bottom of each post in a separate section. You can accept the edited version or ask that it be removed.

No "You".

When responding to a post, address the audience, not the individual you're responding to.

Wrong: "You've presented a convincing argument but koalas are not bears and kangaroos can not swim, let alone climb trees."

Correct: "Sir Frederick presents a convincing argument but koalas are not bears and kangaroos can not swim, let alone climb trees."

No "swipes"

It's best to stick to the arguments and evidence and avoid attacking the character of a fellow ItchyBrainer -- either directly or indirectly.

Wrong: "Sir Frederick seems to have finally lost his marbles -- assuming he had any in the first place given his father was a French gigolo."

Wrong: "Let us all give thanks to Sir Frederick for his illustrious wisdom. His expertise and Greek dancing skills are a pleasure to behold" (Clearly dripping with sarcasm as such praise is a human impossibility unless meant for the owner of Itchy Brain Club.)

No "homework"

A post or a reply to a post that consists of little more than "Go read this and then you'll understand" probably won't get past the moderator.

The main argument presented should be contained within the post.

Too lightweight

Purely chatty posts or posts that present issues that are considered too lightweight for this forum will probably be declined.

Facebooky type of replies to posts that consist entirely of statements like: "LOL!" .... or ... "Yeah, this sucks!" .... or .... "WTF man, this freaked out my parrot!" .... will probably also be declined as being "too lightweight".

Fahrenheit Alert

"Fahrenheit" is a measure of temperature. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Paper, apparently, auto-ignites at 451 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Topics that are inclined to get overheated and emotional get moderated with a heavier hand in order to preserve a calm tone. 

The moderator may place a "Fahrenheit Alert" at the commencement of such a discussion thread or introduce it at some point where forum members look like breaking into an all-out bar room brawl.


Updated: Thursday, August 28 2014


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