Bosch Fawstin on Ayn Rand


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Ex-Muslim, Bosch Fawstin (illustrator of the above picture) interviewed by Jon Glatfeller at

The Undercurrent:

In your acceptance speech at the contest, you mentioned your admiration for Ayn Rand. Could you talk about what impact she’s had on your career and activism?


I don’t know where I’d be without her.

Not only did I leave Islam when I starting thinking about morality seriously, but I left the idea of God behind. I had a fresh start.

I knew I was a good kid, but I also knew that I wanted to focus my mind and my life in terms of what path I would take from there, and I began to see things more clearly when I found Ayn Rand’s work.

I read and reread every book of hers, from her fiction to her non-fiction. And I came to see her – in addition to her achievement of Objectivism – as the most fully realized artist who I have ever come across.

The focus, the painstaking care with which she created her art, was something to strive for as an artist.

So, she has clearly had a profound impact on my thinking and on my art, and while her influence on my work might be obvious to some, I’m still producing work that’s uniquely my own.
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